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Namaste Past Adventures

Chris Charlton, Namaste’s founder and MD has been organising and running exciting and challenging adventures to all corners of the globe for the past 20 years. He brings this wealth of experience to Namaste Fun to help fulfil the goals and ambitions of Namaste Fun’s adventurous clients. Why not join him on the Namaste Global Expedition and design your own unique adventure.

Check out some of these past adventures by clicking on one of the PDF's. For an overview of all past adventures, click here.

Mountain Climbing
Mountaineering expeditions to climb amazing mountains in a variety of the world’s great mountain ranges including the Himalayas, the European & New Zealand Alps, the Tien Shan Mountains bordering Kazakhstan & China, the North African Atlas mountains, even Mt Kinabalu in Northern Borneo. Where do you want to climb? Go to the Seven Summits to see Namaste’s plan to climb the highest mountain on each continent during the Namaste Global Expedition.

Mountain Climbing [PDF]


Trekking & Climbing
Summer & winter trekking trips to all corners of the globe, including traversing the Via Ferrata in the Italian Dolomites, South African Drakensberg mountains, the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, long distance footpaths in England, Munro-bagging in Scotland, bushwalking in the Australian outback, and trekking through the desert on the UAE/Oman border. Join the Namaste Global Expedition for some amazing trekking opportunities in one or more of 130 countries across all 7 continents.

Trekking [PDF]


Relax and enjoy some of the world’s most exotic scuba-diving locations including the Australian Great Barrier Reef, the Caribbean, the Seychelles, East Coast of Africa, the Red Sea, and some of the best dive spots in South East Asia. Or enhance your skills, such as PADI Divemaster training in Boracay in the Philippines. Check out the Namaste Global Expedition for some more incredible dive adventures coming up, from the Galapagos islands and Caribbean for the more tropically-minded to Alaskan ice diving.

Scuba-Diving [PDF]


Overland Touring
Using any means necessary, whether it be bus, boat, barge, taxi, train, motorbike, or on foot, explore the diversity of some of the world’s great independent travel destinations, including such trips as the South East Asian experience, Western & Eastern Europe, Southern Australia in a VW beetle, as well as exploring many of the world’s more interesting cities. For the ultimate overland experience in a state-of-the art overland expedition vehicle, join the Namaste Global Expedition.

Overland Touring [PDF]


African Safari
Interested in the Safari Experience? Check out some great Safari adventures in the East African Rift Valley, or becoming an Environmental Ranger and explore the bush in South Africa at the same time. Join the Namaste Global Expedition in Africa for more amazing safari adventures, not to mention a cool game viewing platform on top of the expedition vehicle.

African Safari [PDF]


Mountain Bike Tours
Feeling fit? Check out some great mountain biking adventures. From weekend jaunts to serious downhill excitement to 6-week, 1500 mile tours, including the Pyrenees, traversing the Moroccan Atlas mountains, around North & South islands of New Zealand, and a 1500 mile tour of Scotland.

Mountain Bike Tours [PDF]


Kayaking & Rafting
Explore some great river journeys, sea kayaking adventures and white water action in the UK, Australia, Nepal, and France. Namaste Fun has been involved in organising courses for beginners to the wildest Grade 5 (or more) ride. Even learn to become a raft guide and learn how to give your clients the ultimate ride.

Kayaking & Rafting [PDF]


Skiing & Snowboarding
So you like the white stuff? Whether you’re into groomed pistes or off-piste powder, check out some of the best ski resorts of North America and Europe. Get your boards and skis ready, pack your rucksack and join the Namaste Global Expedition for some great rides, not to mention a few helicopter trips.

Skiing & Snowboarding [PDF]


Discovery Channel Eco-Challenge
The ultimate adventure race, covering 540 gruelling km’s on foot, mountain-bike, horseback, kayak, and raft with no team support. With 8 months of intensive training in the run up to the 10-day race in Queensland, Australia, Chris led one of the two British teams in 1997.

Eco Challenge [PDF]


Marathon des Sables
Suffice to say, the Marathon des Sables is the toughest footrace on earth. Try running over 6 marathons back to back over 6 days across the Sahara desert, carrying all your own food and equipment.

Marathon des Sables [PDF]


Flying, Skydiving & Paragliding
Have you ever taken off in a sea-plane from a Norweigan ford, or a glider flight across the French Alps, or a helicopter ride across glaciers and mountains? Check out some amazing flying experiences. Or when you fancy leaving the aircraft before it lands, enjoy an Accelerated Freefall Skydiving course where your first jump is from 12,000 feet. Or for the more leisurely-inclined, learn to fly paragliders and spend the afternoon soaring above the ground.

Flying, Skydiving & Paragliding [PDF]


Sailing & Waterskiing
Calling all skippers and sailors out there. Enjoy some relaxing moments on board sailing yachts, or get closer to the water in a sailing dinghy. Namaste Fun has been involved in organising courses for dinghy sailors (e.g. UK Level 1 and 2 RYA) to yachting qualifications (e.g. UK RYA Day Skipper). And for those that like the power boating world, then explore some cool waterskiing and wakeboarding spots.

Sailing & Waterskiing [PDF]


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