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Welcome to the African leg of the Namaste Global Expedition!

The expedition reached the start of the Africa leg on 13th May 2005.

For the latest information on the expedition route, timings and availability in Africa, Click Here or on the plan link to the left. For availability, always check by e-mail before booking and sign-up for monthly Namaste News.

Perhaps nowhere in the world will you find such a variety of cultures, vistas, contrasts and contradictions, cities ancient and modern as in Africa. From the snow-capped peaks of Kilimanjaro and Mt Kenya, to the scorching heat of the desert; from the impenetrable jungles of the Congo, to the silver-sanded beaches bordering the Indian Ocean.

A key theme of the Namaste Africa Expedition will be to explore many of the continent’s game reserves, whilst touring through this continent full of culture and design, of music and dancing, with a wealth of wildlife, flora and fauna. Some of the planned highlights include:

May 2005
Following a short two-week visit back to the UK to see family and friends after 388 days in the Americas, the expedition arrived in Cape Town on 13 May to begin the trans-Africa adventure. With 2 weeks to explore the city while waiting for the Landie from Rio (and what a hassle it was getting it out of Brazil!), followed by some servicing, repairs and new equipment shopping, the journey north began on 28 May, but not before a visit to Africa’s southernmost point at Cape Agulhas. The first destination was the Tswalu Kalahari Reserve close to the Botswana border to find out more about tracking rhino and enjoy the plethora of other wildlife on the fringes of the vast Kalahari Desert. See the May 2005 Namaste News for more info and pictures...

June 2005
Covering a total of 4,461 miles through 5 countries, the expedition explored many of the highlights of South-Western Africa. From the Northern Cape to the awesome Fish River Canyon; through the vast dunes of the Namib Desert to the desolate Skeleton Coast; on to beautiful Damaraland and fascinating ancient rock art before the wildlife wonderland of Etosha National Park. Then across the Caprivi Strip, and a journey around and over Botswana’s Okavango Delta including elephants in camp and a snapped alternator cable, before reaching the mighty Zambezi at Victoria Falls! After rafting adventures, the expedition crossed back into Botswana to explore Chobe National Park. See the June 2005 Namaste News for more info and pictures...

July 2005
July has been a world of contrasts on expedition from the magnificent elephants and baobab trees in Botswana’s Chobe, across the vast and dusty Makgadikgadi salt pans, down through the Bushveld wilderness of South Africa’s Kruger National Park then back up the palm-fringed white beaches of Mozambique’s Indian Ocean coast.

Then a journey from south to north through beautiful Malawi, southern Africa’s “warm heart”, an ascent of Mulanje Mountain, lakeside vistas, plus a short trip into Zambia to explore the fabulous game reserves of South Luangwa and Luambe National Parks, finishing with some relaxation on the shores of Lake Nyasa before crossing into Tanzania and the start of the East Africa leg... See the July 2005 Namaste News for more info and pictures...

August 2005
This month was dominated by an exploration of Tanzania’s remarkable natural landscapes, wildlife reserves, beaches and mountains. Including an incredible wildlife tour of the world famous Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater plus the lesser-known Selous Reserve, the largest in Africa. And relaxing on the beautiful Indian Ocean waters & beaches of Zanzibar, the quintessential Spice Island; before completing the tough ascent of Africa’s biggest mountain, Kilimanjaro. Finally, the expedition crossed through Kenya’s Masai Mara on route to Nairobi and a chance to repair the Landie, the result of driving along some of Africa’s toughest terrain… See the August 2005 Namaste News for more info and pictures...

September 2005
Setting out north from Nairobi, the expedition was heading for Ethiopia, but broken shock absorbers left us stranded in the deserts of northern Kenya for 4 days. Having fixed the problem, we headed west into Uganda, the staging point for the next, and most challenging section of the expedition yet...Fasten your seatbelts, for the second half of this month on expedition takes you on an adventure through some of the remotest and toughest regions on the entire African continent. Ravaged by war, bandits, rebel militias, corruption, poverty and disease, we were the first visitors into this forgotten pocket of Central Africa in over 20 years...…See the September 2005 Namaste News for more info and pictures...

October 2005
After an epic day (634 miles) from Bangui in Central Africa to N’Djamena in Chad, October was a month of fantastic desert exploration. From a remote tour around Lake Chad to the beautiful Air Mountains and Tenere Desert of Niger; and along the banks of the Niger River to the ancient desert towns of Timbuktu and Mopti in Mali. Taking in a fascinating array of ancient cultures, from the Saharan Tuareg nomads to the unique Dogon people of Mali, the month ended in the funky town of Ougadougou in Burkina Faso… See the October 2005 Namaste News for more info and pictures...

November 2005
Another “fun-filled” month in West Africa on expedition - hit by malaria, refused entry into Guinea, shot at by soldiers, robbed by bandits, searched at gunpoint, abysmal road conditions, threatened with imprisonment for being a tourist, and more dodgy police! The tougher side of expedition life…

On the upside, though, was Ghana’s Mole National Park, the beaches of Gambia’s ‘Smiling Coast’, a surprising reception in war-torn Ivory Coast, plus some time to enjoy two of the region’s more frenetic cities, Mali’s  Bamako and Senegal’s Dakar. As ever, the hospitality and welcome of the poorest and remotest villages refreshed our hearts in a difficult month. See the November 2005 Namaste News for more info and pictures...

December 2005
Exploring Roman ruins of coastal Libya; and the scenic and pre-historic wonders of its Fezzan region. Then into Egypt to explore the Gilf Kebir plateau, the Nile river region, Cairo and the pyramids, the Great Desert Road and of course some Red Sea diving off the coast of the Sinai Peninsular.

Click here to download the more detailed Africa Plan PDF to find out more.

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