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Namaste Consulting

Namaste Management can add a fresh and independent perspective to your business and work with you to design an approach or strategy to secure successful delivery of your business and project goals. Review the case studies to see some examples of previous consulting assignments.

So, how does it work?

Stage One
First, contact Namaste, preferably by completing the online enquiry form and outline what it is you want to achieve. The more information you can provide at this stage, the better.
Stage Two
Second, a member of the Namaste team will contact you to discuss your requirements to ensure we have a common understanding. At this stage, Namaste Management will advise you whether and how it can assist you*.
Stage Three
Third, we agree commercial terms and conditions [PDF]. Given that consulting assignments tend to be short-term and often part-time in nature, Namaste Management usually charges on an hourly man-time basis, complemented by appropriate and relevant incentivisation arrangements.
Stage Four
Fourth, we start work. Initially we develop the precise scope of the assignment including a common basis for success. We finish with a review of the assignment and determine any next steps.

You can also visit the Namaste Shop to purchase a range of tools, templates and training material that help facilitate successful assignments like those shown in the case studies. You can also commission Namaste Management to prepare your own organisation’s management guide.

* In all circumstances, if Namaste Management does not believe it can offer you direct assistance, we may recommend a member of our network of accredited associate companies and individuals. In this way, Namaste Management acts as business development catalyst for its associates. For reasons of professional integrity and client satisfaction, Namaste Management would rather turn down business than offer a service to a potential client that it could not deliver to the standard both clients and Namaste expect.

For more information on any Namaste product or service, please complete our online enquiry form.

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