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Namaste Projects

Namaste Management takes on the role of managing your project in a way that works best for you, including seamless integration within your existing team. In some instances, clients require project management expertise for the duration of the project. In others, Namaste Management is deployed to ensure rapid and successful mobilization and set-up of your project before handing over to a member of the client team.

Review the case studies to see the diversity of projects that have been successfully delivered for clients. Invite Namaste Management to be part of your team by following the process outlined on the Consulting page and visit the Namaste Shop to purchase a whole range of project management related Namaste Management Guides.

An outline of the high level components of the delivery-focused Namaste project management approach…

Foundation for Successful Delivery
Namaste Management works with you to develop a professional project management plan, specifically designed for the needs of your project and its fit within your organisation. This includes a full project scope, terms of reference, organization, roles and responsibilities, and delivery approach. It also covers the detailed project management tools, processes and templates to be deployed, either utilizing existing ones used by your organization, or chosen and tailored from the Namaste Management knowledge base as required.

Example Project Process Design [331K]

Give Your Project the best possible start. Benefit from the Namaste Management experience…

For a large-scale programme encompassing more than one project, it is likely that a unifying programme management plan will be developed to ensure appropriate integration of the component project management plans. This is also has the benefit of reducing cost by cutting out unnecessary duplication across the individual projects.

Framework for Successful Delivery
All project management processes, tools and templates are deployed or implemented as agreed by the client in the project management plan. Namaste Management can work with you to design and implement a full suite of project and/or programme management processes, tools, templates and technology, either for the specific project at hand, or more generally, for your organization to use to support delivery of all of its projects. Standard methodologies, such as PRINCE2, can also be tailored to fit your organisation’s or project’s requirements.

Whatever your requirement, Namaste Management uses its extensive experience in delivering projects to ensure that any process, methodology, tool or template actually adds value to your business by providing the necessary framework for successful project delivery.

Many of the Namaste Management tools and templates are also available for you to buy in the Namaste Shop, such as a professional project management plan template. These are based upon actual tools and templates deployed by Namaste Management on successful projects.

Teamwork for Successful Delivery
Namaste Management recognizes that project management is not just about applying a dedicated methodology, albeit one chosen or designed specifically for your project. Successful project management is a co-ordinated and committed act of teamwork to deliver a result. The ability to select and build a team, often from scratch on a new project where few people may have worked together before, then sustain and motivate it for the duration of the project, is critical to successful delivery.

Namaste Management uses its experience and expertise in building, training and managing successful client teams to make a real difference to your team’s performance and ability to deliver the project. A successful team can ride the highs and lows of any project, and rise to the challenge of delivering against tough targets and deadlines. An unsuccessful team will soon disintegrate when the going gets tough. You know, you’ve probably been involved in both types of project. Namaste Management clients can always rely on this essential, and often overlooked skill.

You can also incorporate dedicated management training initiatives to formalize your commitment to making your projects happen. See Namaste Management Training.

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