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The Plan
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Europe & Middle East

Welcome to the European and Middle Eastern leg of the Namaste Global Expedition!

The expedition is travelling through this region from July 2006 to October 2006 with the following highlights. Click Here or on the detailed plan pdf in the box to the left for route plan and exact timings (detailed dates to be updated in January 2006):

June 2006 - Across the Med by ferry from France to Algeria for a tour of North Africa’s Mediterranean coast (see Africa plan for more) ending in ancient and fascinating Cairo. Then by boat along the Gulf of Aqaba to Jordan and north via Petra and the Dead Sea on route to Damascus in Syria. A short visit to Lebanon before crossing from Syria into Turkey and along the Aegean coast all the way to Istanbul...

August 2006 - Touring along Turkey’s Black Sea north coast, through Armenia and Azerbaijan to Baku on the Caspian Sea. Then northwest through the Caucusus Mountains of Georgia and southern Russia; climbing Mt Elbrus, Europe’s highest peak; and onto Ukraine. Around the Black Sea to Moldova, then exploring Transylvanian castles in Romania...

Septemnber 2006 - Time to explore ancient Sofia before some skiing in the Rila Mountains of Bulgaria. Then a tour through the beautiful mountains, cities and coastal regions of Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia. Then north through Hungary, Slovakia and Poland, turning west at Warsaw through the cool cities of Berlin, Amsterdam and Brussels...

October 2006 - Arrival in London, the conclusion of Part I of the Namaste Global Expedition.

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