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North America

Welcome to the North American leg of the Namaste Global Expedition!

The Expedition completed the North America leg on 25th September 2004, covering a total of 19,820 miles in 173 days through Canada, the USA and Mexico. See below for a month by month account of this incredible journey…and download the newsletters to see stories and pictures from the Expedition.

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April 2004 – By 30 th April, the expedition has successfully covered 4,229 miles east to west across Canada from Halifax to Jasper. Highlights have included Bay of Fundy, Quebec City, Montreal & Toronto, Algonquin National Park, Niagara Falls, Georgia Bay & the Great Lakes, Cypress Hills, the Badlands, Calgary, and Banff National Park. See the April 2004 Namaste News for more info and pictures.

May 2004 – Heading north through Jasper National Park and onto the Alaska Highway through northern British Columbia and the Yukon. Hiking in Kluane National Park, home to Canada's highest mountain, Mt Logan. Then touring the coastline of southern Alaska before heading to Talkeetna at the southern tip of Denali National Park. Fly onto the glacier and begin the ascent of Mt McKinley, North America's biggest mountain, the first of the 7 summits. See the May 2004 Namaste News for more info & pictures. and read the Denali Expedition Report.

June 2004 – Covering a total of 9850 miles, the Expedition has crossed Eastern Alaska, and over the Top of the World Highway into the Yukon; explored the cities of Dawson and Whitehorse; then sailed for 3 days along Alaska’s Marine Highway, including whale watching near Juneau before heading back into Canada’s British Columbia to horse ride, kayak and paraglide in the amazing Rockies. See the June 2004 Namaste News for more info...

July 2004 – The expedition explored Vancouver Island and Vancouver before heading east through southern British Columbia. Then south through Glacier National Park in Montana , Yellowstone and Teton National Parks in Wyoming to Salt Lake City in Utah. Then continued south through Monument Valley into Arizona and the Grand Canyon. And finally, northwest through Las Vegas , Death Valley and Yosemite to San Francisco. Click here to read the July 2004 newsletter for more info and pictures...

August 2004 – The expedition toured south along the beautiful California coast, including fabulous cliff-top vistas; wine-tasting; elephant seals, condors and wildlife parks; and the major cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego, before exploring the water-sports filled Baja Peninsular of Mexico. Click here to read the August 2004 newsletter for more info and pictures.

September 2004 – The Expedition explored the Pacific coast of Mexico from Acapulco to Puerto Angel. Then eastwards through Oaxaca State , Chiapas , the Yucatan Peninsular, and the Caribbean coast along the Riviera Maya, including many magnificent Mayan cities. Then south into Belize and Guatemala and the start of the Central & South America leg... Click here to read the September 2004 newsletter for more info and pictures.

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