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Central & South America

Welcome to the Central & South American leg of the Namaste Global Expedition!

The expedition reached the start of the Central & South America leg on 26th September 2004.

For the latest information on the expedition route, timings and availability in Central & South America, click here or on the plan link to the left. For availability, always check by e-mail before booking.

October 2004 – The Expedition travelled south through Central America from Guatemala to Costa Rica, through El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua, exploring both inland and along both coasts. From the ancient Mayan city of Copan to the crystal Caribbean waters of the Bay Islands; from delightful colonial towns to amazing active volcanoes... See the October 2004 Namaste News for more info and pictures...

November 2004 – The Expedition explored the Caribbean coast in south-eastern Costa Rica and the delightful islands of Bocas del Toro in Panama, then the volcanic mountains of western Panama and the remote jungle of Parque Nacional Corcovado in Costa Rica before touring along beautiful unspoilt Pacific beaches on route to Panama City and the engineering wonder of the Panama Canal. After organising the logistics in Panama, the Expedition crossed to Ecuador exploring the cities of Guayaquil and Quito before heading out to the wonderful volcanic Galapagos Islands, a natural wildlife haven and underwater paradise... See the November 2004 Namaste News for more info and pictures...

December 2004 – A month of firsts on expedition, some good, some not so: first Andean Summit (Chachani, 6075m), first Christmas on expedition, first break-in, first time stuck, first time near-miss, first accident, all set amidst an amazing array of landscapes and cultures through Ecuador, Peru and into Bolivia. From the Amazon jungle to incredible Andes mountain passes, from ancient civilisations to the highest navigable lake in the world, the journey from northern Ecuador to northern Bolivia was both amazing and tough. See the December 2004 Namaste News for more info and pictures.

January 2005 – The Expedition completed an amazing tour through the unique country that is Bolivia, from the jungles of the Amazon Basin to the snow-capped Andes; from the highest cities on Earth to the Altiplano and vast salt flats... Then into Chile for a traverse of the Atacama Desert and the Pacific Coast, before heading across the Andes for a spot of trekking and horse-riding, hitting a high point of 4742m in the Paso Agua Negra before reaching the great cities of Mendoza and Santiago. See the January 2005 Namaste News for more info and pictures.

February 2005 – Definitely an amazing month of two halves on expedition...! Firstly, the successful ascent of beautiful Cerro Aconcagua, the highest mountain in South America and western hemisphere at 6,962m (22,832 ft). Secondly, a luxurious tour of the wine region of central Argentina before dipping into the wonderful world of northern Patagonia. Through the arid and thermal Aracuania region of Argentina, then into the northern Chilean Lake District, the expedition explored volcanoes, lakes, forests and other incredible landscapes before finishing at the delightful natural hot springs of San Sebastian... See the February 2005 Namaste News for more info and pictures.

March 2005 – Covering over 6,000 miles, March was a magnificent and record-breaking month on expedition touring through Patagonia. From trekking and camping in incredible national parks to rafting the mighty Futaleufu River; from mud therapy and hot springs to the ‘End of the World’ in Tierra del Fuego; from off-road adventures along the Carretera Austral to rainstorms on the unique island of Chiloe; and from fields of sunflowers to the Tango in the wonderful city of Buenos Aires... See the March 2005 Namaste News for more info and pictures.

April 2005 - Heading north out of Uruguay , the Namaste Global Expedition toured through the Missiones region of Argentina to the amazing Iguacu Falls . Then west into Paraguay before turning north into the wildlife haven of the Brazilian Pantenal. The month finished with a fantastic tour along the beautiful Brazilian coastline from Santos to Rio de Janeiro ...... See the April 2005 Namaste News for more info and pictures.

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